Monday, February 09, 2004

After the Interview
As I have thought back over the Bush interview yesterday and seen a few clips repeated here and there, I'm struck by how the guy comes off like someone who would be overmatched as refreshment chairman of the Rotary Club, let alone as Leader of the Free World. So it almost feels like piling on to point you to the Center for American Progress deconstruction of the interview, what with his being so dim and all. Indeed, one reader of this fine news and commentary feature noted yesterday that he may be planning to run for reelection on his very dimness--poor me, I'm only doing the best I can, and wontcha please give me another chance?

Liberal Oasis analyzed the politics of the interview. LO says the situation on the ground in Iraq come the fall will determine whose position is more persuasive on the war--Bush's or John Kerry's--but if the situation is as muddled then as it is now, it'll be a wash.

One of the annoying things Bush said yesterday was that Congress has to hold the line on spending if we want to cut the deficit. This from a guy who's maxed out the country's credit cards and whose budget doesn't even cover operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Perhaps he forgot that his party controls Congress. Nevertheless, through the muddle comes a point worth noting--with half the population thinking Bush is doing a good job managing the economy, it won't be enough for Democrats to stand up and say "No he isn't." When it comes to fiscal responsibility, the Democratic Party doesn't exactly have a sparkling image. As a poster on Daily Kos observes, Democrats need a meme just above a bumper-sticker level of complexity to counter the coming "barrage of Rovian BS oozing from their televisions and newspapers" regarding the "ecomomic recovery." He cribs from blogger Brad DeLong in search of ideas.

Recommended reading: When it comes to fitness to lead the country, would you trust a man whose favorite band is Journey? Or one whose favorite Beatle is George? Shadi Hamid of Pop Matters has the lowdown on who's hip and who isn't.

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