Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Show Me the Money
Headline: "Voters See Kerry as Best Placed to Beat Bush." Well, some people see the Cubs winning the World Series, and that may not happen either. People in Iowa and New Hampshire ran screaming from Howard Dean over the electability issue--although Kerry doesn't have the same liabilities as Dean, the set he possesses seem more than enough to get him beaten in November. For one thing, what about the Soundbite of Doom? "Kerry's voting record is more liberal than Ted Kennedy's." Democrats enamored of Kerry's electability need to explain how that isn't going to matter once the GOP shitrain begins to fall. And never mind those national polls that show him beating Bush--it's the state-by-state results that matter, and we know this is true because we're not watching a Republican nomination fight this month. Those touting Kerry's electability ought to try explaining exactly which states he's going to win that Howard Dean wouldn't--especially in the South--and how.

Not that I'm saying I wouldn't enthusiastically support the man if he gets the nomination. What I am saying is that believing Kerry can win is not enough to make him the next president. Where's the evidence that Kerry can beat Bush? Somebody show it to me.

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