Friday, May 07, 2004

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Aneurysm fans, meet Alan Blevins. He's what I could be if my attention span were longer. And his first essay does a nice job of debunking a lot of the common misconceptions about John Kerry, too. But 's going to take more than that. Somebody has already noted (I forget where, so I can't link) that the media storyline on the campaign is pretty well-set already: Bush the Resolute versus Kerry the Wishy-Washy. And those of you who remember the Dean storyline (the man is crabby at best, postal at worst) know how hard it is to shift the storyline once it has become received wisdom among the media.

Quote of the day: NPR reported this morning that Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions said yesterday calls from Donald Rumsfeld's resignation were harmful to the morale of American soldiers in Iraq. More harmful than making the people over there who want to kill American soldiers even more angry, as the prisoner abuse has done?

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