Thursday, July 01, 2004

And Have You Heard that "Afternoon Delight" Song?
This week's VP speculation, courtesy of the Drudge Report: Hillary. Please. Drudge is clearly off his medication again, and the only other outlets who've picked up the story are in the right-wing echo chamber, where Drudge is treated like Walter Cronkite. Jerry Bowles suggested earlier this week that the story may be a GOP plant to bring wayward Republicans, pissed over Iraq and the deficit, back into the fold to do battle against the Antichrist. Sounds about right to me.

My correspondents in Iowa say that John Kerry is planning a big Fourth-of-July blowout in Cedar Rapids on Sunday, and because Kerry's people have made noise about the VP announcement coming in early July, naturally you gotta wonder if Tom Vilsack will be anointed The Man that day. Many die-hards (maybe even Kerry himself) would like it to be John McCain, but pigs will fly first. (McCain's willingness to appear with Bush lately, and the news that he'll be a featured speaker at the Republican Convention, has me worried that Bush may find a way to persuade McCain to replace Dick Cheney--in which case we can all stop worrying about the election results and book our flights to Auckland.) Newsweek's Howard Fineman has more on the VP sweepstakes (although no guesses). He cites a piece of political wisdom Kerry ought remember--don't throw a hot dog into a shark tank--and says that Vilsack has hot-dog potential. That also sounds about right to me.

I am still carrying a torch for Clark and coming to accept the possibility of Edwards. But Tom Vilsack? Talk about missing the point that the 2004 election is unlike any other in our lives. Vilsack is a good idea only if this is 1976. And if it is, who was that woman sleeping in my bed last night, and what the hell happened to all my hair?

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