Monday, May 23, 2005

Big Shoes
To be honest, if JB is concerned about losing me as a reader just because I’ve fallen into the gearing, then he’s worrying needlessly; his blog is good and worth following, even if one happens to start a blog of one’s very own.
Of course, if he's concerned that my writing will drive away readers, I admit that this is a worthy fear. I hope that my smug bluster doesn’t drive away the faithful, at least not permanently. Heck, if you don’t care for my vibe, take comfort in the knowledge that I’m just pinch-hitting for a few days, after which the reins will be back in their proper hands.

I mentioned to JB that I’ve read this blog since before it was called The Daily Aneurysm, so it's both an honor and a privilege and a pleasure to have the chance to contribute (other than as a gadfly on the comments page.) I’m not sure when I first posted a comment, but it was something about Rick Santorum, so it probably had to do with weeping sores or oily discharges.

To those readers hearty enough to continue reading over the next few days: please voice your disgust, displeasure, and disagreement with anything I say or omit. I’ll do what I can to keep from destroying the Internets while JB is on the road, and I’m hopeful that I’ll provide a diversion and maybe even a glimmer of insight.

Stay tuned—tomorrow I unlock my word-horde, and who knows what might come spilling out? At a minimum, I hope to master the vagaries of formatting before JB gets back...

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