Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I'll Be Judging
In the run-up to last year's electoral debauch, I recall a post that referred to an anonymous comment left on another blog where JB's writing had appeared:
"For the rest of my life, I'll be judging someone by who they voted for in this election."
I had to dig for the quote, and as it turns out I had recalled it incorrectly. In my brain it was "how they voted" rather than "who they voted for." During a conversation in the office, a coworker revealed that she'd voted for Bush, and I felt a swell of simultaneous pity and disgust such as one might feel upon seeing a painfully injured but horrific monster.

The cited quote had it exactly correct: I couldn't help judging her, and judging her negatively, in the wake of her off-hand admission.She followed up by saying that she didn't really know much about it, but she voted for Bush because you have to support the President, and He Keeps Us Safe, blah blah blah, and that's where my misremembered quote comes in. I felt real annoyance at her cavalier and almost prideful ignorance, and that's when my inadvertant paraphrase of the quote became relevant.I realized that, as annoyed as I was that she voted for Bush, it's obviously her right to vote for whatever idiot she chooses (though I wish she'd chosen my idiot).

But her disdain for the whole electoral process, though hardly uncommon, is what really set me off. Is it better to be informed and silent or to be clueless and vocal? Based on the catastrophe last November, it seems that the vocal and clueless majority has spoken. Or maybe that should be "the vocal and clueless majority has shrieked like the blood-steeped ghouls we've always known them to be."

Hell, I'm not even sure that those who voted for Kerry are any more informed or any less vocal, but at least it can be inferred that those who voted against Bush did it consciously, without a bunch of irrelevant, Republican-generated ballot measures to fluff up their numbers.

Republican fluffers. Now that's a metaphor I'm going to try desperately not to envision.

Anyway, these observations are hardly cutting-edge material, and I only mention them here because my coworker finally had the time to discuss politics, now that Lost and American Idol are done for the season.

Hmm... American Idol Lost. Now that's a metaphor.

Not a lot of hyperlinks in this post, come to think of it. Well, here's one that you should click from time to time, if only to see if the light at the end of the tunnel is any closer.

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