Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Little Ventured, Nothing Gained
I haven’t had time to assimilate the implications of the deal, but judging from CSPAN’s Washington Journal this morning, the Republican sheep are more outraged than the Democratic sheep, for what that’s worth. By and large the Repub callers viewed this more as an assault on the President’s divine mandate to construct a pyramid as tall as the sky, whereas Dem callers were of the “let’s see what happens next” mindset.

IMO the deal’s biggest “failure” for the Repubs is that it’s one of the few moments of un-Borg-like uniformity, and to hear Frist tell it, it’s the biggest crisis the nation has faced since God gave the Constitution to Jefferson. What will come of it? Hard to say, but if Frist runs in 2008 as the Great Leader, he’ll need to account for failing to Greatly Lead his simplistic majority in a simple majority vote.

The Dems biggest failure is in keeping the Nuke option on the table, which is like saying “If you agree not to kill me today, you can still maybe kill me tomorrow.” Hardly the rallying cry of a revolution—it’s more like the pitiable plea of an abuse victim.

JB has correctly observed (though not in exactly these words) that Lieberman is once again the weakest link in a chain made of noodles, and Ben Nelson hasn’t impressed me with his fortitude, either. On CSPAN this morning he indicated that only one of the three stooges is sure to get his “No” vote, so I can only suppose that he foresees a tough reelection campaign next time around.

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