Tuesday, June 28, 2005

News from the Frontiers of Necromancy
JB is back, of course, but I caught wind of this story and felt compelled to share. Now that's a chilly dog with a new leash on life! Thank you, thank you. If I keep this up, JB will never invite me back.

Yeah, yeah--some knucklehead is giving a speech tonight: I yield that subject to bloggers with greater intestinal fortitude than I can muster.

But how often do you hear of a dog shuffling this mortal coil back on again, for crying out loud? The part of me that admits to having paid to see Pet Sematary knows that sometimes, dead is better. But what about the other times? And don't forget--three hours for a dog is 21 hours for you and me. That's almost long enough to get through the worst of the celebratory GOP autoeroticism following the finalization of tonight's divorce from reality.

In the settlement, by the way, Dubya gets the house, the car, and the national media, while Reality gets the shaft. But isn't that always the way?

The thing that kills me, so to speak, about the Resurrection of Dog is that it happened in my own back yard. The Safar Center is a legitimate and serious component of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Another recent breakthrough in the Pittsburgh area involved the finding that adult stem cells appear to be just as fruitful as those taken from embryos. If this is borne out through further study, then the use of adult stem cells will completely disintegrate one of the Right's favorite arguments, not to mention opening astonishing new therapeutic opportunities.

Anyone who thought that Pittsburgh was dead might just have to flush the saline out of the Burgh's veins.

My thanks to JB for trusting me with the keys for another joyride. With a little luck, he won't even notice that I had to roll back the odometer and replace the dome light.

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