Sunday, October 09, 2005

Moldy Lemons
Johns Hopkins University made headlines today when it announced the promotion of a first-year podiatrist to Chief of Thoracic Medicine. It's a lifetime appointment, and the board of directors wasn't permitted to view the candidate's record before voting.

Okay, that's an obvious lie. A respected institution would never appoint someone so disastrously unqualified for such an important position, at least not without thorough and transparent review.

Speaking of Harriet Miers, if you Google her right now, you'll see that she's being discussed on every single site on the Internet. What can a humble, part-time blogger like me add to that discussion? Not much, to be honest, but I'd like to riff on an already oft-riffed theme.

Dubya's request that she be accepted sight unseen has been likened to the pitch of a used car salesman or a shady real estate broker: "Buy this house/car because I say that it's great, but you can't read any of its history, or talk to any previous owners, etc. etc. etc."

If you don't like that analogy, too bad, because you'll hear it a zillion times in the next few weeks. But here's my contribution: Miers isn't a car with a questionable past; she's an obvious clunker from the same dealer who sold you a whole bushel of lemons in the recent past.

Honestly, I don't know if I'd want Scalia or Thomas holding my hand at a new job, but it seems that Miers will look to these conservative paragons for guidance during her tender, formative years. And if Bush intends to push the court further to the right, and if he truly wants justices "cast in the mold" of Antonin and Clarence, then we have to assume that Miers is at least as moldy as they are.

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