Friday, November 04, 2005

Happy Happy Joy Joy
Nothing but happy news this morning. Think I can't do it? Watch me.

A blog called A Tiny Revolution has a lovely graph comparing the approval and disapproval ratings of Dear Leader and Richard Nixon at similar points in their presidencies. Nixon was less popular in November 1973 than Dear Leader is now--but I'm betting on Dear Leader to catch him at the depths eventually. After all, Nixon had a Congress in the hands of the opposition and was forced to resign in August 1974; the Repug majority in the current Congress will support their man no matter what he does (unless, maybe, he's found in bed with a dead girl or a live boy).

Quote of the Day from a commenter on the post, who observes that Nixon had it a lot easier than He Who Shall Not Be Named does now: "Remember, people, Bush is fighting a war on two fronts: The bottle's calling incessantly and the dog doesn't like him much."

More good news: The Boondocks, long the Daily Aneurysm's favorite comic strip, is finally coming to TV this weekend. Fox commissioned a pilot a couple of years ago, but wasn't satisfied with Aaron McGruder's vision, so he decided to take it elsewhere--to Cartoon Network, which has a block of adult-themed cartoons on weekend nights. It was supposed to debut in October, but finally takes its place this weekend, Sunday night at 10PM Central. It's possible that The Boondocks might be edgier on TV than it is in the papers due to its late-night time slot--for example, characters will be able to use the word "nigger," at least until somebody complains. Some things remain out of bounds, however. The Boston Globe reports that after the death of Rosa Parks, McGruder had to cut a bit in which one of the characters tells Parks to "sit down, because that's what you're known for anyway."

OK, that's all the good news I can stand. Back to hopeless pessimism next time.

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