Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Opposition Is Supposed to Oppose, You Twits
Joe Lieberman says it's time to come together . . . and back the president's Iraq policy. "We undermine the president's credibility at our nation's peril," he said. Never mind that the president has been undermining the president's credibility on Iraq for months now. For the good of the country, we all need to hold hands, sing "Kum-Ba-Yah," and go down with the ship. And that's not all--the pious Mr. Lieberman has more wisdom for us, from the Hartford Courant:
"We can't tolerate the kind of division that current exists in our country," the senator said. "Why are we fighting among those who have the same goals?"

The senator could face a challenge from former Sen. Lowell Weicker, whom Lieberman defeated in 1988. Lieberman only smiled today when asked if Weicker would be a tough opponent.

"I understand the position I'm taking on the war in Iraq is controversial," Lieberman said. "In a sheer political sense, it would be easier to keep quiet."
Well, that'll never happen. Lieberman's inability to keep his mouth shut grows either out of some pathological need to hear himself talk (or to get himself named Secretary of Defense, as one rumor had it over the weekend), or out of some perverse belief that if he can unite Republicans and Democrats, one or both parties will rush to nominate him for president in 2008. Shut up and go away, Joe. Or keep talking, and you'll find yourself with lots of time to suck up to the Republicans once Weicker beats your ass.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton says it's time to ban flag burning--although she says she's still against a Constitutional amendment to ban flag burning. So it's like the old Lite Beer commercial, then: When asked to choose between "great taste" and "less filling," one ex-jock said, "I feel very strongly both ways." Funny when you're talking about beer, but head-bangingly stupid otherwise, and politically counterproductive. Climbing into bed with the Republicans never works for Democrats--no matter what we do while we're in there, or how much they say they're glad we're there, they still think we're sluts in the end.

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