Friday, January 27, 2006

Elevating the Level of Discourse
There's a very old folktale about an automaton cobbled together from sun-baked and salt-bleached wood. Through an effort of will this soulless creature is able to pass itself as almost a man, though it's still clearly made of twigs. Later on it tries to pass itself off as a woman, but it's still clearly a pile of twigs trying to pass itself off as a man trying (generally unsuccessfully) to pass itself off as a woman. All along, the twig-that-would-be-man-who-would-be-woman is terrified that people will realize that it's a sham, and in the tragic end it's publicly recognized as the desiccated and brittle bundle that it is.

In other news, Ann Coulter has loosed her sphincter and shat forth a load so foul and stinking that it could only have come the mouth of Ann Coulter. She joins the doughy Chris Matthews, demonic Pat Robertson, and dumbass George W. Bush, along with myriad other Conservatives who see nothing wrong with identifying liberals as enemies of America of whom no humiliating naked pyramid can be stacked tall enough. This curiously effective name-calling strategy has been around forever, but in the sewage of modern deregulated (and Conservative-friendly) media, the biggest and most corn-dotted logs float the farthest.

Allegedly recovering drug-addict Rush Limbaugh has used the tactic for years ("Feminazis" being just one of many sophomoric gems), but lately it's become not just accepted but standard practice to liken Liberals and Democrats to Osama bin Laden. The sickening part is not that Republicans—long proven to be self-serving assholes—are doing this, but rather that no one with a public voice is decrying it effectively. Democrats should condemn this disgusting tactic every time they pass a microphone. Instead, they cower and issue written and multiply-signed declarations that no one reads outside of the signors themselves..

So Coulter has now "joked" that Justice Stevens should be poisoned. Can you imagine the outcry if, say, Bill Maher had suggested that Scalia should be killed? Sure, we'd need garlic and holy water to do it, but that's not the point. Maher is recognized as 51% hack on his best day, and no one really marches behind him in Liberal coming-out parades. In contrast, Coulter is, well, not a wet dream, but at least something of an aridly carnal fantasy among zealots seeking a nominal woman to prop up as the pretty (sic) face of the Conservative punditocracy.

It's bad enough that she's considered a legitimate commentator and that she's permitted to publish book after pus-oozing book of scarcely coherent hate-speech. But even worse is the media's willingness to give her a pass on anything she chooses to cast forth from her scolex. Liberals are condemned for days if they even suggest that maybe—just maybe—Bush lacks a solid plan for stabilizing the economy. But Coulter and her equally manly peers can let fly with the most vile invective they can muster.

It's a sign of the degeneracy of our culture that a dried bundle of twigs (one hesitates to use the word "fagot") can purvey such shameless hate-speech and yet remain so totally unbridled.

And it's an even bigger shame that I didn't realize, until just now, that I could have ridden the unbridled-->bridled-->horse-->horseface imagery all the way into the rhetorical blogging sunset.

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