Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Blow Away
We've heard that Stephen Colbert's speech at the Correspondent's Dinner got under the skin of lots of people (click here to watch the Fox and Friends crew completely missing the point), but US News and World Report has a bit today from a former White House aide saying that while Colbert was speaking, Bush had "that look that he's ready to blow." We've heard from other sources that Bush can have a volcanic temper, although he's never blown up in public. But I wonder--what would happen if he did? What if Colbert had gone on a couple minutes longer, and the Boy Emperor had snapped?

Probably very little. (Probably a spate of aggrieved mainstream-media articles talking about how awful it was that Colbert pushed this good Christian man to anger.) But then again, it might shave another point or two from his approval rating. And with Bush at historically low levels, there's not all that much left to shave. And those levels really are historic. The last time a president had as high a disapproval rating as Bush has today (as distinct from an approval rating, which most widely reported polls discuss) was July 1974, when Dick Nixon was talking to the portraits on the White House walls.

Imagine what Bush's ratings would be if the mainstreamers were reporting the stuff that really matters: about ignoring 750 different laws, about his plans to nuke Iran, about the dozens of tales of corruptions big and small from five miserable years. Then you'd really see some gaskets blowing.

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