Monday, May 08, 2006

The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Whatever He Decides to Do Next
You may have missed it over the weekend, but the Decider has decided to retitle the Global War on Terror. It's now World War III.

(Brief digression number one: There's practically no mention of this in the news that I can find, which is why the above link is from the Daily Times of Pakistan. This may indicate that the media thinks it's too stupid a comment for them to notice, or that they are too stupid to notice it. Take your pick.)

Coming next: Bush announces that he is changing his name from "George W." to "Franklin D," and that he will start using a wheelchair to get around the office. Don't laugh. He's already claimed he could have done better at Yalta. Of course, if he has the same level of success with wheelchairs that he has with bicycles, Cheney will be president within a couple of weeks.

(Brief digression number two: Is there any doubt that in a fight, Franklin D. Roosevelt could have kicked Bush's ass? You may never have thought about it, but Roosevelt was one tough hombre despite being a rich northeastern liberal. Denis Leary put it best: "FDR--a man stricken by polio, stuck in a wheelchair, fighting the Nazis all the while smoking 3-and-a-half packs a day."

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