Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Bush Says Americans Not Misled on Iraq Campaign

If you want more evidence that our Maximum Leader and his minions are utterly unconstrained by conscience and will say anything, scroll down to paragraphs six and seven of the story linked above.

The "Mission Accomplished" banner wasn't the White House staff's idea? How stupid does he think people are? There is no way in hell the White House staff DIDN'T have anything to do with that banner. The U.S.S. Lincoln stunt was a photo op--it was all about the way it looked on TV--thus there is no way the White House would leave something as critical as the president's backdrop to the staff of the aircraft carrier. It is simply not credible to believe it--unless you're already congenitally disposed to believe whatever noxious effrontery to common sense comes out of the man's mouth on any given day.

Contemptible. Absolutely contemptible, but absolutely in character. Worst. President. Ever.

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