Sunday, January 25, 2004

George Carlin, Call Your Office
From the "Of Course They Are, You Idiots" department comes news that links are developing in Iraq between the insurgency and Al Qaeda. If true, this contradicts the popular belief that the war made us safer--it's evidence that the opposite is actually true. (Joe Lieberman, call your office.)

The virtue police are back in town. A bill proposed by a California congressman would prohibit six of Carlin's famous seven words you can't say on television from being said on television. (See if you can spot the one that's left out.) If the bill is passed, next year legislation will be proposed to ban such words as "Democrat," "civil liberties," and "lying bastards who ought to be clapped into Guantanamo."

Recommended reading: David Podvin says that despite his claims of being a figher, John Kerry has been missing in action since the 2000 election, his Vietnam hero status won't help him in the fall (McGovern was a war hero too), and like Bush, he's an elitist who neither understands nor cares about the concerns of the vast majority of Americans, although he can sure talk like he does.

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