Friday, January 16, 2004

It's All Becoming Clear to Me Now
In the pantheon of great headlines, this next isn't quite as great as last summer's "Wolfowitz Warns Foreigners to Stay Out of Iraq," but it's pretty amazing nevertheless--"White House: Give Industry Greater Voice." The story that follows claims that we need a "new presidential council to give U.S. companies a greater voice in government decisions." So presumably this means a change from the current system, in which industries enclose large checks to the Bush reelection fund with their lists of requests for new laws or relaxed regulations. I get it.

More clarity: CBS will not permit MoveOn.org to run its winning Bush in 30 Seconds ad during the Super Bowl. "We have a policy against accepting advocacy advertising," a network mouthpiece said. So presumably this means when someone wants start airing spots advocating the reelection of George W. Bush, the network will decline to run them. I get it.

You know, when you start thinking about stuff logically, stuff is not that hard to understand.

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