Thursday, January 22, 2004

We Haven't Got Him, Honest . . . Would We Lie to You?
Rumors that Osama bin Laden has been nabbed roiled the financial markets this morning, but they've been circulating in cyberspace for months. The generally accepted meme is that he's on ice somewhere in Afghanistan (maybe nabbed last March) and will be brought out by the administration--with a claim that we've only just caught him--sometime in October, just in time for the presidential election. (Remember last December, no less august a personage than Madeleine Albright said--well, joked, she claimed later--that she thought we probably had him.)

The whole idea sounds far-fetched, suppressing news of the capture of the world's most wanted terrorist to use it as a trump card to win an election, but using September 11 that way seemed far-fetched at one time, too. And given what we've seen since 2001, is anything truly too far-fetched for the Bush gang?

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