Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Clutch Performers
Earlier tonight, Howard Dean was within striking distance of Kerry in New Mexico, although Kerry's pulling away now and Clark has actually pulled ahead of Dean by a handful of votes as of the time of this post. Given that Dean has written off today's contests, it would be a moderately big deal if he were to pull this one out.

A poster on Daily Kos criticizes CNN for its anti-Dean bias tonight, observing that if Dean should come back and win New Mexico, he will have won as many states as John Edwards (and Clark, if he hangs on in Oklahoma). But the media script has Edwards in the role of the anti-Kerry; Dean is old news. CNN's talking heads would pop their collective clutch if they had to shift paradigms and actually think.

I haven't turned the TV on yet tonight, and I don't expect to. Being my own one-man pundit corps is much more fun.

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