Monday, February 23, 2004

"Nader: The Corvair of Candidates"
Via Wonkette, a blogger who calls his site "Fanatical Apathy" says of Ralph Nader: "2000's Naderites aren't likely to flock back to him in any significant numbers, not when everything the candidate himself believes in would be utterly destroyed by another four years of Bush. I mean, what are his possible slogans? Maybe "Ralph Nader--Because This Time Bush Really Doesn't Have a Chance." Or "Vote Nader--Your Children Will Understand Someday." Or maybe just "Fuck The Real World, I'm Voting Nader." (Wonkette's headline on the story of Nader's declaration yesterday was similarly blunt: "Nader to Liberals: Fuck You.")

If you have slogan suggestions for the 2004 Nader campaign, click "Comments" and fire away.

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