Sunday, March 21, 2004

If You Can't Talk Sense, Then Shut the Hell Up
I see that getting utterly rejected by Democratic primary voters hasn't dulled Joe Lieberman's clueless sanctimony one iota. He told Fox News today that the divisiveness we've already seen in the campaign threatens to undermine the U.S. effort against terrorism and Iraq. "Our security's being challenged in a way that it's never been challenged before, so let's not divide ourselves right now." And so Bush and Kerry, Republicans and Democrats, should walk together happily hand-in-hand toward the sunset, united-we-stand and all that crap.

The rest of the Lieberman quotes, which appear in a Reuters story, are equally precious: "Let's keep it civil so we don't get so nasty that we discourage people from coming out and voting in a very important election." And best of all, "Don't say that the opposition is evil. They may be wrong, but they're not evil." In other words, Lieberman's prescription for the general election hasn't changed from his prescription during the nomination campaign--Democrats should surrender without firing a shot. Don't be too vigorous in drawing distinctions between the parties on security. Don't point out how viciously unfair--yes, Joe, how evil--Republican economics is to anybody whose ship hasn't already come in. Why, if we do it right, voters will mistake Kerry for Bush and we'll get elected by accident.

This is nonsense so profound that it makes me wonder if Fox put him on just to make the Democratic Party look stupid. If so, they succeeded.

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