Monday, March 29, 2004

If this is true, we would have all the proof necessary that Richard Clarke is telling the truth and the White House has run out of ideas to refute it--and further damning evidence of the utterly amoral viciousness of the Bush gang.

Also today, Daily Kos has analysis of Bill Frist's request that Clarke's classified briefing be made public. Kos notes that Clarke's agreement with Frist represents a call of the bluff. "Nothing like playing politics with classified information to discredit an opponent," Kos says. "Exactly the sort of thinking that brought us the Plame Affair."

Back when I was a corporate drone, I once staked out the company men's room in hopes of catching the CEO for an "impromptu" or "accidental" conversation about a product I was working on. The stakeout fell to me because I was the only man on my product team, and it would be easier to catch the CEO in the head than at the copier, which was the only option open to the women of the group. And it worked. But last week at the Democrats' unity dinner in DC, Kos encountered an even more august personage in the same kind of place.

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