Monday, March 29, 2004

Thumping Nonsense
Gimme a break. The most Bible-thumping admininstration in the history of the Republic is criticizing John Kerry for quoting the Bible in a speech? When he's speaking in a church? What planet is this?

On Atlantic Unbound, Jack Beatty has as harsh a piece as I've seen lately assessing the influence of Bush's religious faith on his presidency. Even if the people around Bush don't share the specifics of his faith, they certainly take advantage of its ethos--to quote St. Paul, as Beatty does, policy is driven "by the evidence of things unseen" and "the evidence of things hoped for."

I have little comment on Condi Rice's 60 Minutes appearance other than to say you could have predicted nearly everything she would say before she said it. The Progress Report debunked much of it. One thing, though--she should quit talking about how "disappointed" she is that she can't testify. Nobody with a clue believes that. Not even Republican partisans.

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