Thursday, May 27, 2004

Sean Hannity Makes His O-Face
We've been assembling an informal list of things that are sure to happen if Bush is reelected. Roe v. Wade is history; Medicare will be broke within 15 years; oil rigs will go up in national parks. We can add another now: further budget cuts for things people like, such as education, veterans benefits, and environmental protection. All in the name of deficit control and fiscal responsibility, of course. Please do not suggest it's to fund more wars and more tax cuts for the rich. (The Progress Report was on the case today in a big way.)

And now, some good news. In Washington Monthly, Chuck Todd suggests that far from being the close race everybody (including me) has been saying it will be, the 2004 election might be a blowout win for John Kerry, on the order of 1980. Of all the presidents in recent memory, Bush is looking most like Jimmy Carter at the moment, in terms of his domestic and foreign policy problems. But Todd warns that even though history is on his side, John Kerry still has to run the race. The second most likely outcome this November, says Todd, is a Bush landslide.

I found Todd's article while visiting one of the blogs I've just added to my own blogroll: Political Animal. It's on the main page of Washington Monthly's website. Among his posts today, Kevin Drum attacks the fallacious arithmetic used by conservatives to downplay the casualties in Iraq. I've also added another blog to the roll: George W. Bush, Will You Please Go Now? This site has some hilarious stuff, like a parody of the movie Office Space, and a post demonstrating (with photos) that Democratic women are hotter than Republican women.

You might want to spend some time exploring these blogs over the next few days, as posts will be light to nonexistent here from now until Monday night or Tuesday. Happy Memorial Day weekend to all.

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