Tuesday, May 18, 2004

You Look Fabulous
You have probably noticed that the sun has gone dark, large craters have opened everywhere because of the earthquakes, and children have been murdering their parents since gay people started getting married in Massachusetts yesterday. Blogger Kevin Drum observed over the weekend that the wingnuts are frustrated by the lack of traction the anti-marriage issue is getting, even amongst their own. (Insert happy chortle here.)

I don't think the fundie bigots are going to go away entirely--after all, when you get your marching orders from God, you don't waver. But I do think that large numbers of Americans who have previously greeted the concept of same-sex marriage with "Ewwwww!" can't help but look at the smiles on the faces of the couples in Massachusetts--most of whom look so utterly goddamn normal--and start to wonder who, exactly, same-sex marriage is supposed to hurt. When it becomes clear that it hurts no one--one of those simple, common-sense facts that even the dimmest, most distracted American can easily grasp--the fundies will be back where fundies deserve to end up: in their little ghetto, railing at the already-converted, preaching to the choir, taken seriously by nobody. On this issue, at least.

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