Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Better Looking Than Jenna, Smarter Than Barbara
Wait, wait, wait. George W. Bush said something nice about Bill Clinton yesterday--and the Earth didn't spin off its axis and crash into the sun? At the dedication of Bill and Hillary's official White House portraits, not only did Bush praise Clinton for his "incredible energy," "great personal appeal", "deep and far-ranging knowledge of public policy," and "forward-looking spirit," he even said nice things about Hillary. And his tongue didn't snap off its roller once.

During the first year of Clinton's term, Rush Limbaugh earned nearly universal condemnation for showing a picture of Chelsea Clinton on his TV show and calling her the White House dog. She was 12 at the time, and we all looked geeky when we were 12. Chelsea is 24 now, and nobody's making dog jokes anymore.

Recommended Reading: You'd think that after 3 1/2 years of continuous stimulation, my gag reflex wouldn't kick in as strongly as it did yesterday, when Pastor Ashcroft stood in front of the congregation to announce, "The American heartland was targeted for death and destruction by an Al-Qaida cell." Liberal Oasis retched too--and they think the announcement of a thwarted bomb plot in Ohio might be "Swing State Fearmongering," as whoever wins Ohio in November is likely to win the election. Paul Krugman has more on Ashcroft--and how every time he or his department is handed a defeat, it stages another high-profile terror event.

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