Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Caught in a Loop
Spotted in the checkout line at the supermarket this afternoon, on the cover of the Weekly World News: "Dick Cheney is a Robot!" Which means this is clearly just a software error.

Cheney's insistence on links between Iraq and Al Qaeda--reiterated on a day when the 9/11 commission became the latest body to say there's no evidence for such links--has gone way beyond where it could be considered an alternate interpretation of facts in evidence, and into pathology. There's clearly some reason why Cheney and his staff continue to stick to this discredited assertion, but I'll be damned if I can guess what it is. Does his pacemaker need an adjustment? Or has he just cracked up under the pressure? It sure looks like it. Nevertheless, I still think he'll remain on the ticket in November even if they have to hook him up to a car battery each morning to get him out of bed. In the Bush Administration, being half nuts doesn't disqualify you from anything. In fact, it probably helps.

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