Friday, June 25, 2004

Does This Mean Illinois Is No Longer a Swing State?
I cannot tell you how much pleasure it gives me to see that Jack Ryan, millionaire ex-husband of Seven-of-Nine on Star Trek: Voyager, quit the Illinois Senate race today. I love it when self-righteous Republicans get caught practicing the kind of thing they preach against. From Ryan's campaign website: "The breakdown of the family over the past 35 years is one of the root causes of some of our society’s most intractable social problems--criminal activity, illegitimacy, and the cyclical nature of poverty. As an elected leader, my interest will be in promoting laws and educating people about the fundamental importance of the traditional family unit as the nucleus of our society." Presumably, one way to strengthen the traditional family unit is by boinking your partner in public. Who knew?

The saddest thing about Ryan's departure is that it wasn't necessary for him to drop out in order for the Democrats to reclaim the seat currently held by Republican Peter Fitzgerald, another millionaire who bought the seat six years ago but decided to return it unused. Democrat Barack Obama, one of the first candidates nationwide to be explicitly endorsed by Howard Dean's Democracy for America organization, was the betting favorite to win anyhow.

Status of mojo: Boinking found therapeutic.

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