Friday, June 11, 2004

Goodnight, Sweet Prince--Now Get the Hell Off My TV
Here's just the thing for the C-SPAN repeat tonight: Ronnie! The Reagan State Funeral Drinking Game. My guess is you'll be hammered in half-an-hour. Before the drinking starts, you might want to read Salon's inimitable Eric Boehlert and his analysis of the week of fawning Reagan coverage. Boehlert raises a point that crossed my mind today also: "President Clinton left office with higher approval ratings than Reagan did, and a USA Today poll last year found that more Americans consider Clinton to be 'the greatest' president than think Reagan was. Does anyone think that if Clinton were to die in the current media climate, his critics and criticism of him would effectively be banned from the airwaves?"

I think not. Plus his corpse would be hung from a lamppost like Mussolini.

This next item is absolutely the last goddamn link to something about Reagan on this blog: "Pennies from Heaven" by Charles Pierce, a first-person account of what Reagan has learned after less than a week in the Great Beyond. "First of all, most of that 'family values' stuff is bunk. Really. You'd be amazed at how few people up here actually care that somebody's ass is showing on HBO. . . . You should hear Aquinas and St. Augustine laughing at Pat Robertson. They all get together to watch the 700 Club the way kids used to get together to watch the Stooges."

I don't believe in Heaven, but that last bit makes me wish I did.

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