Friday, July 16, 2004

No Getting Over
As of this morning, the Useless Web Poll shows that readers of this blog think Bush will be reelected this fall. My vote doesn't count, but at this moment, I'd have to say I think so too. Not because more people want him to win than want John Kerry, but because Bush and his party control the playing field, the clock, and the referees. For example, the House of Representatives passed a measure yesterday forbidding the United Nations from sending observers to ensure the fairness of our election. (Did you ever imagine we might feel the need for them? What do we look like, Bolivia? Well, yes.) The approaching election is starting to look more and more surreal, and my guess is that we ain't seen nothing yet. With the growing surreality comes the growing likelihood that Bush will find a way to remain in office. Seattle Weekly's Knute Berger says we should hope for the best, but also think about what we'll do in the event of the worst. It all comes down to how Bush wins. If he's reelected fair and square, that's one thing. But if there are questions, then we're in trouble, and we should respond like it's trouble instead of just "getting over it" again.
Recommended Reading: Red-state or blue-state is a, well, state of mind. Slate has a quiz designed to help you figure out which state you're in. It's fun, but don't make any life decisions based on it. I consider myself blue through and through, and it showed me in the middle but tending to red. Living in the Midwest is a biasing factor, as is being a sports fan and an ex-radio guy. You tend to know stuff even if you don't care about it.

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