Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Another Argument for Returning Alabama to the Cherokees
You may have read about the letter, uncovered by a blogger last week, by Mac Holcomb, sheriff of Marshall County, Alabama, which was posted on the county's website. It talked about how good it was in the 40s and 50s when family, God, and country were all that mattered, and homosexuality was universally considered an abomination. At AMERICAblog, John Aravosis picked up the original blog post on the letter--and yesterday, John got a tape of the sheriff, talking live to Sirius Radio talk-show host Mike Signorile. As an example of state-of-the-art red-state redneck dumb-assitude, the Signorile interview is glorious, so listen now.

You may find the sheriff's ignorance appalling, but keep in mind that he will probably get appointed to a federal judgeship by the time Bush leaves office. (Which will happen only four years from tomorrow.)

Recommended Reading: Another good one from Joe Bageant, a correspondent embedded inside the mind of Red State America, on his Scotch-Irish forebears and how their descendants are still shaping this country in their image.
Within their smoky cabins [Scotch-Irish settlers] lived a quick-tempered, hard drinking, volatile lifestyle, one that anthropologists say can still be seen in American trailer courts today. So the next time you see one of us drunkenly kicking in a neighbor's car door in some trailer court parking lot at 1 AM, try to remember: That's not a brawl you're witnessing, it's cultural diversity.
In a related story, a bunch of Bageant's relatives apparently showed up for jury duty in Memphis recently.

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