Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I Heart Ana Marie
Wonkette live-blogs the presidential news conference this morning:
10:03 Iraqi freedom will require "commitment of generations," i.e., "We will be drafting your grandchildren."

10:17 Ah. The Japan comparison. Not sure that's super relevant or comforting. First, we were there seven years. Second: we dropped TWO NUCLEAR WEAPONS on them. Of course they were willing to cooperate. They were glowing.

10:23 Oh, well, if he's "constantly reminding" them about liberty, nevermind. America: Like your mom, but about liberty.
A reader of this blog likes this one: "10:15 How many people have to die before 'the world is safer without Saddam....' starts to sound hollow?" How many, indeed.

Also funny today: When it comes to laughing at butt-clenched religious conservatives, Mark Morford has it down.

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