Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Krusty and Krabby
After a couple of days away from this blog, I am feeling plenty damn curmudgeonly this morning.

Item: Will Lester of the AP leads a story this morning with the following: "Some of President Bush's bedrock supporters — Southerners and rural residents — have lost confidence in the likelihood of a stable, democratic Iraq."

Comment: Thanks a lot, bubbas. You delivered this idiot to us for four more years, and now you're starting to open your eyes? When the draft comes, it should take your children first.

Item: The right-wingers have decided that defacing the Constitution with a ban on same-sex marriage is the biggest, most importantest thing facing the country at the moment, and they're willing to withhold their support for the destruction of Social Security in order to get it.

Comment: The Dobson/Falwell mob got snookered by Bush and Rove--they voted for Bush thinking their every bigoted wet dream was going to come true within a couple months of the inauguration, but they didn't see that same-sex marriage is like almost every other cultural issue to Bush--a subject for good, symbol-laden talk, but not anything he's willing to act upon politically. (Witness his chicken-hearted phone call to Roe v. Wade opponents, earlier this week, instead of walking across the street to appear before them in person.) Now that they've had the scales ripped from their eyes, they're pitching a fit that would do a five-year-old proud: "I want my Constitutional amendment and I want it now!"

Of course, if they want to withhold support for the president's Social Security plan, well, welcome to the team. Never mind the whole Spongebob thing.

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