Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Virginia Asshat Gets Feelings Hurt, Magically Acquires Clue
The guy who proposed the Virginia bill making it a misdemeanor for a woman to fail to report a miscarriage to law enforcement has withdrawn the bill after getting shredded by bloggers across the Internet. John Cosgrove claims his bill was misunderstood and that he really didn't mean to be so harsh on women. Jeez, you think? A Planned Parenthood lobbyist said, "It’s very confusing as to why he did not understand the bill the way everyone else did." (It wasn't reported whether the lobbyist was winking when he said that.)

Cosgrove's feelings were hurt by the hundreds of e-mails he received, and he complains of the website that first blogged on his bill: "[T]hey never talked to me prior to going on the Web," he said. "I was absolutely mistreated on this." Mean old bloggers . . . not fair . . . I'm telling!

The best part of the story linked above is its quaint explanation of blogs:
Opposition to the bill, HB1677, was generated by "blogs," personal Web sites set up by individuals who post information and encourage discussion about topics of interest to them. . . . Political blogs proliferated during the 2004 presidential election. Many have survived and are becoming powerful tools for generating grassroots responses on public policy.
This just in: Blogs are written using "computers."

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