Thursday, February 10, 2005

Getting the Gate
Over at Daily Kos, they have something called "diaries," in which readers can contribute their own posts as if they were bloggers themselves. Now and then, Kos will "promote" a comment from the diaries to the main page. I am promoting the following, which reader KN put up this morning. Here it is:
Is anyone following Gannon-gate? What Wonkette says is a non-thing turns out to be a thing. From Kos: "A potential male prostitute gets White House [press] credentials using a fake name, provides McClellan a welcome ideological lifeline during press conferences, and somehow gets access to classified CIA documents that out an undercover CIA operative." David Brock's MediaMatters.org started poking around about this guy a couple of weeks ago, Kos unleashed its army of cyber-investigators, all sorts of improprieties were discovered, and the guy ended up resigning yesterday from his pseudo-news agency (Talon News, a thinly disguised political org called GOPUSA). He gets subpoenaed by the grand jury looking into the Valerie Plame case, and Talon promptly pulls every article he's ever written.

How does someone with a fake name and questionable journalistic credentials (a $50 weekend "journalism" course run by a GOP propagandist mill) who's working for a fake news organization, who can't get a hard pass to the White House press room, manage to get a day pass every day for the past year? How does he get his hands on a classified CIA document? The fact that he was writing scathing anti-gay articles while himself being connected to three gay prostitution websites is just icing on the cake. Look for more about his connections to Rove. (Hint: They're tight.)

Will all of this get buried in today's news from North Korea, Iran, and Buckingham Palace? Probably. If we didn't live in Bizzarro World, this would be Bush's Watergate.

See cover story on Salon today for details. DailyKos and AmericaBlog are the places to go if you want more.
I'd only add one thing--potential Bush Watergates are thick on the ground: a new one today: 52 aircraft attack warnings ignored before 9/11. Like KN, I doubt this one will get any traction, either. Again you wonder if there's ever going to be a tipping point at which the administration's contempt for law and truth will get through to our somnolent fellow citizens in sufficient strength to wake them up. And then you fear, if it ain't tipped yet, it ain't gonna.

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