Friday, May 06, 2005

Our Liberal Media
Good morning and welcome to Day Five of "the Runaway Bride Returns."

Oh, and there was an election in Britain yesterday.

And somebody blew up some firecrackers at the British Consulate in New York.

And there's a scandal on American Idol (again).

And there's proof Bush lied about the Iraq war, which constitutes not just impeachable evidence, but evidence of war crimes.

And the Yankees are in fourth place, but their owner has a horse in the Kentucky Derby tomorrow.

And a church in North Carolina kicked out all of its Democrat members as sinners this week.

You won't find a peep about the latter if you search it on Google News. Only a few liberal websites are on it, and even the Daily Kos link above is somewhat outdated, as the link to video of a North Carolina TV station's report on the "excommunications" is broken.

This is what the theocrats want. If you don't believe what they believe, exactly, you have no right to participate in their version of America. And they will, eventually, want more than the right to merely exile you--they'll want to be able to execute you. (Click here; scroll down to "capital punishment.")

Current price of a ticket from Madison to Auckland, leaving tomorrow, one way: $2711.

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