Thursday, June 09, 2005

I'm Just Wondering. . .
. . . what happened to the supposed part of the filibuster deal that said either Bill Pryor or Janice Rogers Brown was going to be defeated? It looks like Pryor is going to be confirmed, too, possibly as early as today.

. . . what good was the filibuster deal, exactly, if it permitted the worst high-profile nominees to be confirmed in exchange for the as-yet-theoretical right to block one of two lower-profile nominees?

. . . what are the odds that Priscilla Owen, Pryor, or Brown will be appointed to the Supreme Court within the next year, now that the Repugs have effectively snookered the Democrats into abandoning the right to filibuster them specifically?

. . . why the hell did the New York Times wait until the day after Brown was confirmed to run a profile on her, which makes it pretty clear that her legal philosophy is batshit crazy?

. . . how badly is the "tsk, tsk" faction of the Democratic Party screwing the party by shushing Howard Dean? (See "firing squad, circular.")

. . . how stupid is it for the former state chairman of the party in South Carolina to say of Dean's pretty-white, pretty-Christian remark, "That's not the way you distinguish someone's politics," when a significant percentage of Republicans have distinguished themselves as Christians?

. . . if we'll ever know.

. . . if we'd like the answers were we to find out.

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