Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Potted Plants and Other Strange Fruit
It's late afternoon in America, and we're still completely out of our minds. Here's your proof.

Item: So Terri Schiavo was well and truly a vegetable, like we thought.
Comment: I can't wait to see how the wingnuts spin this one. There's utterly no chance any of them will admit they were wrong. If all else fails, her condition and her death will be Hillary's fault.

Item: We're down to about a dozen senators who aren't willing to sign on as co-sponsors of the lynching apology bill passed earlier this week.
Comment: The most craven excuse for refusing to sign on comes from Thad Cochran, from Mississippi, the state that led the nation in lynchings: "I can't apologize for something I didn't do." Never mind that he signed on to co-sponsor earlier apologies to ill-treated Native Americans and interned Japanese-Americans.

(I am quite surprised to see Charles Grassley of Iowa on the list of non-sponsors. True, he's a Republican, and the state went for Bush in 2004, and the state's Republican Party is particularly odious, but Iowans are simply too decent in the aggregate to sit still for this. Grassley is undoubtedly hearing from constituents by the dozens on this, and I'd expect him to get on board.)

Item: The flag-burning amendment is apparently close to passage.
Comment: Thank goodness we have our priorities in order, and that the single gravest problem facing the nation at this moment has finally gotten the attention it so richly deserves.

Yep, totally out of our minds.

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