Saturday, June 18, 2005

Weird, Wild Stuff
Thanks to somebody named James Poulos over at The Citizen Journal, we can identify yet another liberal atrocity that is Harming America: fonts. Honest. His article's headline belongs in a Hall of Fame somewhere--"Bad Words: The Case Against Decadent Fonts." And once again, the boys and girls over at The Onion have to work just that much harder to keep satire ahead of reality. Remember when conservatives used to make fun of liberals for seeing subtexts in absolutely everything? Now conservatives are seeing them all over the place--and every last one of them is an excuse to tell people how they should think. Which they hated when liberals did it after seeing subtext in everything.

Also providing big fun this morning: Tha Shizzolator. Take any website you like and translate it into Snoop-Dogg style urban lingo. I suggest the American Family Association (www.afa.net), the Family Research Council (www.frc.org), or the Traditional Values Coalition (www.traditionalvalues.org). Or even this fine blog.

If, rather than big fun, it's stone sickness you want, go here.

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