Saturday, July 30, 2005

Quotes of the Day
Digby: "I've written a lot about 'up-is-downism' and 'epistemic relativism' and 'bizarro world' trying to analyse the Republicans' alternate reality, wondering whether it comes from a full absorbtion into the field of public relations, a consciously created competing discourse or simple lying with a straight face. All of that is bullshit. It's a form of mass hysteria ---- along the lines of the Salem Witch trials or the audience at an NSync concert." (Read an astoundingly good comment sparked by Digby's post here.)

Mass hysteria, indeed. We've had nearly four years of it now--government by a party and its supporters who were terrorized beyond the point of rationality by September 11, to the point at which their irrational fears of the world and all the intellectual contortions they go through to live in that world start to seem like normalcy. Even to the point of anointing an over-his-head dry-drunk frat boy with powers approximately equal parts Churchill, Lincoln, and Napoleon.

Commenter Greta, on why my new over-his-head dry-drunk frat boy countdown clock may be premature: "Dems could win a majority in 06 and impeach the m.f. and the 4 horses he rode in on (after all, the anti-Christ is only supposed to rule for 7 years)."

Wish I'd said that.

Today in History:
On July 30, 1974, the House Judiciary Committee, by a vote of 21-17, approved a third article of impeachment against President Nixon, charging him with ignoring congressional subpoenas. Nixon resigned before the issue came to trial. Good times, good times. Let's do it again.

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