Monday, August 15, 2005

Adventures in Moral Equivalence
Today's Quote of the Day comes courtesy of Think Progress, providing a (mercifully) shorter version of Kathleen Parker's latest column, on Cindy Sheehan: "If Bush meets Cindy Sheehan, the terrorists win."

Parker writes for the Orlando Sentinel and is widely distributed on Townhall.com, and the best you can say for her is that she's consistent. You can count on her for analysis as sophisticated as that you'd be likely to get from a suburban mother of three who thinks she's well-informed because she watches Fox News for 15 minutes every morning while she's on the treadmill.

Also on the Sheehan beat, if you haven't heard this next yet, you'll hear it soon from your favorite Repug mouthpiece: White supremacist David Duke posted a statement on his website supporting Sheehan's vigil. Wingers will be shocked, horrified, etc. It's pretty clear that Sheehan's vigil has little to do with explicit dislike of Israel. But since she mentioned Israel in a critical way at one point, there will be a rush to brand her, and anyone who looks kindly upon her, as anti-Semitic, now and forever. And getting the support of David Duke--well, that makes her David Duke's prom date, of course, and anyone who supports her must think David Duke is OK, too. Never mind the broader and more important questions Sheehan is asking, or the fact that David Duke is not immune from being on the correct side of an issue now and then, or from making a couple of rational points in favor of that issue. Repeat as necessary: "Anti-Semitic, David Duke-supporter, nanny nanny boo boo."

Hey, Kathleen, I've got your next column for you: "If Bush meets Cindy Sheehan, the Nazis win World War II."

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