Friday, August 12, 2005

Bloggers: We Make America Suck
It's Friday afternoon, and once again I don't have the attention span for political analysis. I clicked on an interesting-looking article from The Nation about why, when 60 percent of the country (and a larger percentage of Democrats) are now against the Iraq war, Democratic presidential wannabes like Hillary and the hopeless Joe Biden are still toeing the pro-war, Bush-lite line, but I couldn't even finish it. Nope, I'm going to wrap up the week giving out a few rounds of applause to bloggers who are much more talented than I am.

I don't link to him as much as I do some others, but it's good to be reminded now and then that Kos is one of the best we've got out here in the blogosphere.

David Neiwart at Orcinus is another top-tier guy. Nobody covers right-wing extremism (the militia kind, not the Washington kind) better. He posted a chilling bit last night about the appeal of lynching to Free Republic nutjobs. Who doubts that crowd would start killing, Rwanda-style, if somebody gave them the word?

My new blogger hero is Digby. He's joined the short list of people I read every day, because of posts like this.

Of course, none of us are really "bloggers" anymore. Atrios and others have taken to calling their websites "online journals of public opinion," or somesuch, because certain Repugs are getting ready to go after bloggers who, as everyone knows, are responsible for most of the bad things that have happened in the country in the last four or five years.

Really, we suck.

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