Sunday, August 28, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen, the Resident of the United States: :
My fellow Americans: I just wanted to drop by this afternoon and tell you that Hurricane Katrina is going to be very bad. And on a more important topic, I am happy to report that everything going on in Iraq is double-plus good. Let me go on at length about that, while those of you in the path of what could be the most devastating hurricane in American history get ready to face the storm, and the aftermath, which you'll have to do without the usual level of help from the National Guard because so many of them are over in Iraq fighting my war. Speaking of Iraq, everything is not just double-plus good, but getting gooder every minute.
Various bloggers have been speculating this afternoon whether he'll cut his vacation short to return to Washington and monitor the hurricane, which could be one of the strongest ever to hit the U.S. mainland, and one that could kill dozens or hundreds (conceivably, thousands) if it hits New Orleans head on. Answer: He won't leave Crawford unless the storm takes a hard left and comes right at him.

What a screwed-up and disconnected set of priorities. What an embarrassment to our country, and to humanity. What an ass.

(A bit of advice: Fill up your gas tank tonight or tomorrow morning, because if the storm takes out the Gulf oil platforms when it makes landfall tomorrow, we'll blow through the $3-a-gallon mark like Sherman through Georgia.)

Recommended Reading: Snark along with TBogg as pro-war nuts take off on one another in Crawford. Realize the awful truth as Leftcoast at Best of the Blogs lays out a another great plan that will never happen. Behold Frank Rich in the New York Times, nailing it again: "Among Washington's Democrats, the only one with a clue seems to be Russell Feingold. . . ." (And then wonder along with me why Rich's column is always stuck in the Saturday Times, which has the lowest readership of the week.)

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