Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Take a Shower, Eat a Mint
Step out onto your front porch and take a deep breath. Smell that? It's the stink of fear, a miasma rising from Republican hardcores coast to coast. Eric Boehlert at the Huffington Post:
When it comes to Bush's second term, the White House has entered Tom Petty territory--it's Free Fallin'. Think 1,854 U.S. casualties, $3.00 gas prices, grand jury testimony, Terri Schiavo, Social Security reform, 43 percent job approval rating.

And now think Cindy Sheehan.
Blackdogred at Best of the Blogs can smell it, too. He read Boehlert's post as well, and made a point I've expressed here before myself.
I will predict this: crackers like this dope who fired a shotgun over the head of Cindy Sheehan and this dope who drove a pick-up through her campsite, while not dispatched from GOP Headquarters, are going to go positively Timothy McVeigh before, during, and after Democrats regain power. The Right has achieved its power by a deliberate, concerted, patient, inexorable program of demonization and hatred and fear of anyone or thing other than itself. Its architects and generals are not going to abandon their tactics, they're going to ratchet them up. The true believing footsoldiers? They're not going to surrender without, literally, a fight.
As somebody wrote before the election last fall, anger is part of who the Repugs are. They'll be angry if they lose and they'll be angry if they win. And now that they're not getting 150% of everything they think they're entitled to, they're going beyond angry. To borrow a phrase from the Rude Pundit, they're going bugfuck insane. And it's not a question of if some of them will move from rhetorical violence against those they view as their persecutors to actual violence against them. It's a question of when.

Recommended Reading: Intelligent Design is not the only "alternative" theory out there concerning the origin and development of the universe. For example, there's Unintelligent Design. And the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Look out, Bob the Rain God--you've got competition.

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