Friday, September 16, 2005

Situation Normal, No Matter What
Kevin Drum notes that several commentators see Bush's pledge for massive reconstruction of the Gulf Coast as the kind of thing a Democrat would do. Well, not entirely. Headline on an AP story this afternoon: "Bush Rules Out Tax Hike to Fund Recovery." More evidence that Katrina really hasn't changed anything for the philosophical geniuses running the Bush White House. (Salon: "No joke: The Heritage Foundation believes that necessary steps to rebuilding New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are to allow drilling in Alaska and support school vouchers. If nothing else, you have to give these guys credit for chutzpah.")

No immediate sacrifices will be required of you, America--only the involuntary kind that will come when the bond market snaps like a twig and the economy goes 1929 on your asses, and even then, you can count on the Republican Party to make sure the richest get first crack at the lifeboats.

It is, to borrow an appropriate phrase from Hunter S. Thompson, bad craziness. Another Hunter, over at Daily Kos, has finally flipped out. Between Rove's reconstruction and the Great Crescent Controversy involving the Flight 93 memorial, it's the end:
That's it. I'm done. You might as well kill me now, because it's the Apocalypse. All life on this planet is no doubt mere days away from coming to an end, because really -- mankind couldn't possibly get any stupider. Not possible. . . .

This, finally, is the long-awaited Apocalypse. Clearly, Terri Schiavo was the glue holding the last threads of the universe together, just as Tom DeLay had foretold in his Holy But Questionably Legal Checkbook Prophesies.

And I really, honestly feel fine, now that I'm adjusted to the notion.
Like the quote up top says, once you give up hope, you really do feel better.

A Joke: "Judge Roberts, what's your position on Roe v. Wade?" "I really don't care how people got out of New Orleans."

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