Sunday, October 16, 2005

Name Three Things That Blow
We're still in shock up here over Wisconsin's miraculous 38-34 win over hated rival Minnesota yesterday afternoon--but I think I can pull myself together enough to talk about something else.

Fact: During the fall of 1998, after eight months of all-Monica, all-the-time, 36 percent of Americans supported holding hearings into the possibility of impeachment, while 26 percent supported the actual impeachment and removal of Bill Clinton. This past week, according to a poll commissioned by AfterDowningStreet.org, 50 percent of Americans would support impeaching George W. Bush if it were determined that he lied about the reasons for the Iraq war. Among Democrats, the number is 72 percent. Among independents, 56 percent. And you've seen this reported where? Quite possibly, here and only here, or elsewhere in the blogosphere. The mainstreamers won't touch those numbers--the same mainstreamers who started speculating on Clinton's impeachment the same week the Lewinsky scandal broke.

The AfterDowningStreet folks are trying to find a Democratic member of the House of Representatives--just one--to introduce an impeachment resolution. (Tammy, you listening?) But even if they do, it will go nowhere, of course. For now. But if it's true that Patrick Fitzgerald is looking beyond the Plame outing to the broader issue of Iraq, that could change, although it may be unduly optimistic to be unduly optimistic.

More on the poll and the preponderance of evidence for Bush's impeachment here. Something to think about on the anniversary of the executions at Nuremberg.

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