Sunday, October 23, 2005

Quite Possibly the Dumbest Thing I've Ever Heard From the Wingnuts
And now, from the people who told you that satellite photos of Hurricane Katrina looked like a fetus, comes the request that Christians pray for Hurricane Wilma to wipe out abortion clinics in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. But only the clinics and nothing else.
You can pray for God to destroy the bricks and mortar of these government-protected death camps, without praying for harm to human life, even that of the child-murders themselves (the abortionists), or the accessories before-and-after-the-fact (the other abortion center workers, and relatives of the unborn child advocating his/her death).
Yea verily, let the mighty winds of Wilma perform targeted demolitions in the middle of city blocks, whilst leaving the adjacent Waffle Houses and auto parts stores intact.

Tim Grieve of Salon calls it "the reverse-neutron-bomb theory of divine retribution." Which is surely the quote of the day.

You really should download the group's press release just to see it verbatim. Apart from being purple in a way only hardcore Christian entreaties can be, it really gives Microsoft Word a workout, with underlining, boldface, and sometimes, underlined boldface. But no italics. Maybe italics are Satan's font. (Italics = Italy = Rome = Home of the pope = antichrist, etc. Hey, it's no less loony than the press release itself.)

Would anyone like to speculate why these people think God would need the almighty bludgeon of a hurricane to do what he could just as easily do with a few well-targeted sinkholes? Or why "true Christians," whoever and whatever they are, shouldn't condemn such nonsense? Wilma is going to destroy property and kill people, regardless of whether those people are believers, infidels, abortionists, or Waffle House waitresses. The hurricane doesn't care. And neither do these anti-abortion nutjobs. How Christian is that?

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