Sunday, October 09, 2005

Recommended Reading
Last August, I wrote about the 1970 Sterling Hall bombing on the campus of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, how it seems now that events on campus were escalating to just that sort of climactic event, and how the bombing signaled the end of the student protest movement not just on the UW campus, but across the country. Thirty-eight years ago next week, the Madison movement began with an event known as "Dow Day." On the same day, a platoon of 142 American soldiers were ambushed by nearly 10 times as many Viet Cong in a remote area of South Vietnam. Journalist (and Madison native) David Maraniss wrote about the events in They Marched Into Sunlight. On October 17th, PBS will present an American Experience documentary based on the book. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has an extensive piece about the events this morning. As I may have written here at some point, I started the Maraniss book but simply couldn't finish it--so I'm looking forward to the movie.

(Why does that make me feel a little bit like George Costanza?)

Also good today: Josh and Amanda.

With this brief post, I'm taking a few days off. But fear not--Tom Herbst, the Sage of Pennsylvania, will be sitting in. And just in time for Rove's indictment, too. . . .

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