Sunday, October 23, 2005

To Say He Sucks Is an Insult to Everything That Sucks
There was a funny exchange in the comments at AMERICABlog this afternoon, even though it was off the topic of the original post. Somebody referred to Bush as a cowboy, which prompted the following:

Commenter 1: "I really wish liberals would quit using 'cowboy' as a word with a negative connotation, and quit referring to teh Chimp as one. He's as far from being a cowboy as [AMERICABlog creator John] Aravosis is."

Commenter 2: "It is not only a slur on cowboys, but on chimps. Hard to come up with a reference to the Liar in Chief that doesn't denegrate other living beings. Heck... even calling him the Liar in Chief is an unnecessary slur on liars."

Commenter 3: "Not to mention chiefs and prepositions."

Another commenter suggested that, as they do with Voldemort in the Harry Potter novels, perhaps we should start calling Bush "he who shall not be named." Not a bad idea, really. If we don't say the name, perhaps we don't empower the evil it embodies. Well, if it's good enough for Harry, Ron, and Hermione, it ought to be good enough for us.

Evil Thought: He Who Shall Not Be Named is already the luckiest politician, if not the luckiest man, in American history. So: You don't suppose the special prosecutor will announce the indictments tomorrow, when the TV networks will be obsessed with the hurricane, do you?

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