Wednesday, October 26, 2005

We're Special
With the Repugs melting down in scandal and splintering along their faultlines, there's a hope maybe Democrats can reclaim one or both houses of Congress in the elections a year from now. Democratic leaders in the House are gearing up. They've already settled on a slogan for 2006: "Together, America Can Do Better."

Oh, for chrissakes. As Shakespeare's Sister put it:
Why oh why oh why oh why are the Democrats allowing their own message to reinforce the notion that the GOP is “the norm,” so inescapable that the Dems’ own party identity must even abstractly reference the GOP, in answer to the question of whom, exactly, they can do better than.
Or, as the title of her post asked, "Who's getting paid for this shit?"

The only way Democrats lose next year is if we beat ourselves--which we are more than capable of doing. It seems to me that House Democrats work with House Repugs every day of the week, and some of those personal relationships are genuine friendships. It's as if the Democratic leadership as individuals really doesn't want to unload on people they like, hence dishwater like "We can do better."

Your suggested campaign slogans for the Democrats are welcome in the comments.

Recommended Reading: John Dean explains why he thinks we could find our Fitzmas stockings empty. But what if we don't, and evidence of wrongdoing reaches as high as the vice-president's office? James Ridgeway of the Village Voice says that even if Cheney were under indictment, there is no constitutional reason why he would have to leave office, and he could, theoretically, preside over his own impeachment trial. But assume that Cheney leaves office, one way or another. Over at the News Blog, Steve Gilliard explains the specialness of our vice-president-in-waiting, Condi Rice.

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